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Digby And Glass, By David Ellis Heyman

A Streamed Live Performance, 2021 September 14-18, 7:30pm.
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Writer’s Statement:

It’s very easy to get into politics, which is both a good and bad thing. It’s good because it means anyone can participate in running the country. And it’s bad for the same reason. Most of the people I met in my time in the political world, both as a journalist and as a participant, regardless of political party, were honest, hard-working folks who just wanted to make the world better. Some were also exceptionally skilled and Canadians were lucky to have them in leadership roles. But the field also attracted the audacious, hyper-ambitious schemers who would say anything to get the high-status job they crave.

This play, Digby & Glass, is about that last group of people. The characters, while entirely fictional, are composites of people I met.

When writing this play, I asked myself how far would those people go to win? The answer, frankly, is very, very far.

About David Ellis Heyman

David took a playwriting class at the University of Calgary in the late 80s and loved it but didn’t see a future in it so decided to pursue journalism instead. 

After graduating from the U of C (Communications) and BCIT (Broadcast Journalism) he got his first jobs in radio and TV in northern BC before landing his dream job as a reporter at the Calgary Herald. There, he covered all levels of politics from local to national and spent much time covering political campaigns. In 2004, he ran for Calgary city council, finishing second in Ward 3 (Naheed Nenshi was fourth). He later made politics his career, eventually becoming the communications manager for Premier Ed Stelmach. He was also a volunteer, campaign manager, constituency president and chief of staff before finishing as press secretary to Education Minister Gordon Dirks in 2015. 

He performed in many high-school productions, including as Nicely-Nicely Johnson in Guys and Dolls at Sir Winston Churchill High School, and had one professional role as Jay Bob at Lunchbox Theatre’s “Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music” in 1982. 

He’s now a financial advisor for Edward Jones in Victoria, BC. He has a wife and three children.

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