Digby and Glass, By David Ellis Heyman
Presented by studio.unit2
2021 September 15-18, 7:30 PM Mountain Daylight Time
Enjoy from anywhere in the world
Streamed Live from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Angela Glass – Val Duncan
Scott Digby – Deimon Slagg

Chelsea Yang Smith
Jenna Turk

Stream Operator – Savanna Harvey
Performance Manager – Mike Czuba
Director and Technology – Wil Knoll

Digby and Glass is made possible by a grant from Calgary Arts Development. We appreciate their investment in the development of this team, process, and experience.

Digby and Glass is a Streamed Live Performance. Just click play in the window above here when it’s showtime and you’ll be watching the show. You may need to check to see if your player is muted.

If you watched a previous show
We are heartbroken that the stream has had issues every night so far. Last night however was rock solid except for one impromptu intermission which we know the root cause of. If you watched a stream previouly that was poor quality or cut out, we invite you to our closing night tonight! Thank you for checking out the show and we hope we can complete the experience for you.

Update: 2021 September 18 – Saturday 5:00pm
The weather looks gorgeous for our closing night. We have a slight sound issue so you will hear some echos at times but we have worked to minimize them the best we can. Our network situation is well sorted and we had a smooth stream last night and expect the same for today. Please enjoy our closing night show and thank you so much for participating in this experiment. Cheers!

As a Streamed Live Performance, the show is staged for you every night of the run, with no performance elements pre-recorded or pre-edited. The cast and crew assemble every night to perform without a safety net. This means that there may be some show cancellations due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

If you’re familiar with twitch.tv and prefer to watch on a smart TV/refrigerator/whatnot, our twitch channel is https://twitch.tv/studio_unit2

We care about how Calgary positions Arts and Culture as critical components in finding belonging, building resilient communities, and navigating COVID and economic recovery. We believe that Arts and Culture can strengthen efforts in diverse and connected communities and industries, and that this is an important year for Calgary. If you agree, please educate yourself on the candidates for Council and Mayor. The Sprawl has a resource for this, and also a good primer on what current council has done. We applaud the team at The Sprawl for also navigating an industry that had to move online and finding a way to do it sustainably and with integrity. They have been an inspiration to find new ways forward when challenged.